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What Causes Low Libido?

Low libido is a common problem for women, surveys have suggested that up to 40% of women have low libido. It is the condition of having a decreased or even no sexual desire. A women can suffer from low libido at any time in her life and there are many factors that can cause this.

In most cases the women has no real desire to have sex and they are not sexually aroused by the idea of love-making. This can impact mental wellness as well as relationships.

There are many factors that can cause women's libido to decrease. The most common libido killers are stress, children, relationship problems, physical injuries or lack of physical ability and illness.

  • Illnesses can play a big role when it comes to low libido. Obviously no one really feels very attractive when they have the flu, but more serious illnesses can affect mental wellbeing and physical abilities.

  • Many prescription medications such as anti-depressants and blood pressure drugs are known to have side effects on sex drive. The Pill for example alters your body's hormonal balance, so this could be affecting your desire for sex.

  • Consuming too much alcohol and taking recreational drugs can have a direct impact on libido but also cause long term health issues.

  • Lack of exercise and unhealthy diet can affect hormone and energy levels. Eating healthy provides the proper nutrients for hormones and metabolism, while exercise is good for circulation and the production of "feel good" chemicals in our brain.

  • Exhaustion can really suppress any interest in sex. The daily responsibilities and multiple roles women often assume can leave them tired and physically drained of energy by the end of the day or night.

  • Changes in hormone levels can also cause low libido. This is particularly true for certain times in a woman's life such as pregnancy and menopause.

  • Your mental health is an important factor. Psychological issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem or mental illness can all contribute to low libido.

Loss of sexual desire can usually be overcome and finding out the cause is a good start. Be honest with yourself and your partner and talk about how you can have a happy and healthy life with a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life.

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